Halo Percent give back nights:

Schedule an event at Halo.  Invite your friends and we will donate a portion of the sales to your organization.

We welcome all non-profits, schools, church groups, sports teams, school groups.

The secret to having a successful restaurant night fundraiser starts with you. It is important to spread the word about the event to your members and make sure they come to show support. Ensure a large turnout by asking your members to encourage family and friends to attend the restaurant night too.

Halo will provide you with a flyer for your group to pass out and post on your social media.  When your groups % night comes up, simply bring those flyers so we can make sure that we account for all the sales for your group.  You can also show us the flyer on your phone.

After the event we will do the math, contribute some cash and cut you a check.

Things we need from you,

  • Organizations Name:
  • A copy of 501c3 or a W9 if available.
  • List of upcoming dates that are ideal for your event.
  • Times of day. (Lunch, Dinner, Happy Hour.)
  • How many people to expect.

Tips for a successful event.

  • Choose a date 3-5 weeks from now. This allows time to spread the word.
  • Create an email list to make sure everyone in your group gets a flyer.
  • Social Media!! Tag Us. We will Tag you back and help promote the event.
  • Offer prizes to the people who bring the most friends, or are most involved.
  • Avoid nights that have deep discount specials (Half off wings don’t help earn $)

Please Email us with your request for a % night or any Donations