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Catering Menu:


  • 1.5 gallon fresh dark roast coffee (15 people). $24.99
  • Orange Juice and hot teas. $2.25/ person
  • Muffins, scones, biscuit, bagels (cream cheese, butter, jelly). $3.50/person
  • Assorted bagel tray with butter, cream cheese. $2.50/person
  • Fresh fruit tray (24 hour notice) $ market price
  • Yogurt Parfaits includes granola and fresh fruit $3.50/each



  • Bag lunch. Your choice of sandwich, side, dessert and drink. $11.00/person
  • Sandwich tray. Your choice of sandwiches served cut in half on a tray includes side  $10.50/each
  • Wrap tray. Your choice of wraps served cut in half on a tray includes side   $10.50/each
  • Salad bowls. Choice of salad and dressing. $19.00. or $25.00 with chicken
  • Add cookies to trays. small $1 or $1.50 large
  • Add drinks to trays $1.00 (coke products bottle water) $6.99 gallon (teas lemonade)



  • Cheese Cracker Tray $3.50 / person (10 person min.)
  • Veggie Dip Tray $3.50/person (24 hour notice 10 person min.)
  • Dessert Tray includes various assorted desserts $2.00/person